Besides salary, what do you look for in a job?

January 04, 2023


Besides salary, what do you look for in a job?

During my last day working at my old company, I felt like someone who is moving out and bringing with them all their personal items. It was very difficult to carry all those farewell gifts I received from my wonderful colleagues. I will not forget those sad goodbyes, the gifts and well wishes that they gave me.

The thing that I am most grateful for when working there is to have colleagues who I consider like my own family. Aside from work, I often get enlightened and motivated from advices and life lessons shared by my peers. They would often leave drinks on my table and chocolates in my locker. When I'm fasting and don't show up in the cafeteria during lunch, they would make sure to leave some food and snacks for me to break the fast later.

Those whom I call my colleagues are a form of God's grace for which I will always be grateful for their presence. Therefore, I will carry all their kindness as a memory that I will never forget. Hope Allah multiplies all their goodness in the future.

I always carry this message wherever I go "If you do something, involve Allah in every process, then you will always get blessings".

In Islam, work is an act of worship to Allah. Therefore, we have to work with the sole intention based on that and involve Him in every step of the way. If our intention is to work only to get a salary, then only a salary we will get. If it's only to get great colleagues and experiences, then those are what we will get. But if our intention is to work for the sake of Allah, then everything will be given by Allah afterwards. Not only salary, Allah will send colleagues that will fill your day with laughter and give you meaningful lessons and experiences. InshaAllah.