Challenges of learning a foreign language.

January 07, 2023


Instead of regretting not having learned English well before, I chose to start from scratch. I took classes with elementary school children and started from the basics. In addition, I also bought some English learning booklets as a guide for studying at home. Then I finally tried to enroll in an English Conversation Course, and currently I am undergoing IELTS preparation.

My difficulty in learning English currently lies in the speaking session. Sometimes, I understand well when people speak. But I don't know how to respond 😭😭 Writing is also the hardest session. Ohh! Writing in English is not as easy as regular writing. You have to choose and revise multiple times. Because it turns out that choosing the wrong words can have different meanings. Hmmm. It's so difficult 🎶

One of the challenges of learning English is the declining adaptation ability due to age factor wkwk. So it's a bit difficult in pronunciation. Difficult in pronouncing vocabulary correctly. It's not as easy as children when absorbing new vocabulary. So we have to learn extra compared to children in general.

Guys! It's never too late to start. In fact, the enthusiasm for learning at our age must continue to be improved. The more we learn, the more we will feel lacking. I who used to confidently talk to cashiers in foreign supermarkets with the thought that I could speak English, turned out to be a helpless creature of God who still needs to learn anything including learning English. Now we have to be determined to start everything from scratch, hoping that in five years later we can speak fluently like a native speaker on Cambly! Aamiin.

Oh yes, so far I have also been learning how to use some applications such as Cambly, trying to watch Netflix without subtitles, often listening to songs and getting their lyrics without clicking "lyric" on Spotify or "subtitle" on YouTube. Also, buying English language novels. Listening to podcasts and trying to communicate with others using English.

Hopefully, this is beneficial and good luck trying it out!