Everything happens by the will of Allah SWT.

January 27, 2023


Behind the sadness, loss, and regret felt by us as her family; a mother who lost her child, a child who lost their mother, a husband who lost his wife, a sibling who lost their sister. There is healing from the pain, there is peace from the exhaustion. And there is a new place that she will embark on from her journey as a human being.

The passing of my aunt is a death that I have accepted with open heart, with only a few tears shed. Either because I already understand very well how to let go, or because I am overwhelmed with regret. Hmm, maybe more tears were shed when she was lying sick. Mourning her habits, her cheerfulness, her voice, which slowly started to fade away a few days before her departure. Among us, her family, no one even accompanied her until the end of her life. Not that no one did, but it was not us who escorted her death, washed her body, or prayed for her. Yes! My aunt left on her own, even until the end of her life, allowing us not to mourn right in front of her.

This is my umpteenth visit to my aunt's new home. In fertile land, surrounded by large trees, and accompanied by other graves that have the same cause of death, Covid-19. Yes, she was one of them. Although it was hard to believe that it is a fact.

But now, there's nothing to worry about. InshaAllah, we're totally fine. Although regret still remains in the hearts of those left behind. Everything is by the will of Allah, all living beings will surely die according to their own destiny and fate. No one will exceed the time limit that Allah has determined.

May Allah place her among the believers. Al-Fatihah.

Niece, who lost her aunt.

TPU Temiang, Batam, Nadya.