I am an apple, hanging on its stem.

January 19, 2023


Different ways of thinking between children and parents may occur. My way of thinking has clashed with my parents' before, and I always believed that it was something that could be resolved. Oh! It could be settled just like when we dealt with differences in opinion about small matters like choosing the color of our family's traditional clothing on holidays.

I liken my parents to an apple tree. Then, my siblings and I are like apples growing from its stem. Although apples grow with the help of sunlight, rainfall, and humidity, it cannot be denied that apples grow on the tree, hanging on its stem. That is how I am.

I have never claimed that my parents are the best parents in the world because everyone has their own best version. I will be realistic that what I have learned so far is not entirely from them. As I get older, I have the opportunity to learn anything on my own. However, I believe that they are the right people to be our parents, whom Allah entrusted to give birth to and raise us by providing us with nutrition, education, and as intermediaries for us to get to know Islam, the world, and its contents.

Not all of our parents' words are true and should be followed, but it is our duty to honor them. That is why I will always be by their side even if it goes against my principles. If it is correct, I will follow it. If it is wrong, I will remind them. It is my duty to my parents, a duty like that of an apple hanging on its stem. Hoping to be on the path of goodness together. I always pray and would be grateful if they would maintain their health until they are old. That is the best gift from parents to their children. And throughout my life, I will always be grateful for their presence as the best parents in my version. That is what I can do as a child to my parents ❤️

Allahummagh firlii wa liwaa lidhayya warkham humaa kamaa rabbayaa nii shoghiroon.