If people who used to love you suddenly leave you without reason.

January 10, 2023


At first, we will question ourselves. Is there something wrong with me? Did I say something wrong? Did I hurt their feelings? We will keep asking ourselves the same thing until we find the answer, and continue to blame ourselves for the loss of others from our lives.

What may happen is that we will feel sad and hurt by the loss caused by the departure of others. But time keeps moving on, no matter how sad or hurt we may be. No matter how much the impact of the loss we feel.

Although people continue to come and go, we must continue to live our lives as usual. We must be able to accept reality. We must forgive ourselves and those who leave. Improve ourselves and reflect on everything that has happened.

We must continue to live and endure. Together or alone. We must live calmly and breathe peacefully.