Is time really constant?

January 26, 2023


Sometimes time seems to pass so quickly that we can’t keep up with it. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months move on their own. Haha, it's already January 26th?! Even more strangely, time can also seem to move more slowly, as if we have been doing something for a long time when it has only been a short while. The reason why time seems to pass more quickly for happy people is a very cliche and rational answer that everyone seems to know. However, the fact that time seems to move more slowly for sad people can’t be avoided.

So, is time really constant? Hmmm.

Actually, time never moves quickly or slowly. Unless the theory of relativity can be applied and we can move faster than the speed of light. Right?

But wherever we are, a day is still 24 hours.

This is the reality of life, where we always ignore the facts and prioritize everything based on our feelings, how we feel, and how we are guided by our emotions. I also sometimes feel the same way. When I am happy, time seems to move faster. When I am waiting or feeling sad, time seems to move more slowly. It's as if our feelings have a role in the movement of time. But in reality, it is I who make time move depending on my emotions.

Mmmm, lately… I feel like my time is moving so slowly...

It's a mystery.

Harbour Front, Singapore, Nadya.