It’s a choice that we make every day

March 24, 2023


To forgive or not to forgive, it’s a choice that we make every day, a decision that can light up our lives or leave us lost in the fray.

I know that we’ve all been pain at some point and felt the sting of someone's pain. But.. holding onto grudges and hate will only drive us insane. We also know that forgiving is not an easy task, for it asks that we let go of the past and release the hurts that we've stored away to find peace and love,

and a brighter day.

So, let us choose forgiveness each day and watch as our souls take flight for in letting go of the hurts of the past.

Until we can finally live in the beauty of light.

Forgiving is indeed difficult, but will it become easier by not forgiving?

Minal aidin wal faidzin, Ramadhan kareem 🤍

Batam, Nadya.