Nadya or Nadia.

July 26, 2023


Nadya or Nadia

When read, there is nothing wrong between the two. But clearly, I am the correct one because I am the owner of the name Nadya. I didn't mention how the actual spelling of my name is, and the barista didn't ask whether it should use the letter "i" or "y." Whether it's Nadya or Nadia, I can accept it. Because if I were become her, then our perspectives on this may be the same. When I took this drink from the table, I read my name on the cup while smiling, "aha, Nadia."

And here's another story...

In our journey through life, we encounter a multitude of perspectives, beliefs, and ways of thinking. Each one of us possesses a unique lens through which we understand the world and make sense of our experiences. It's important to remember that these differences are what make us wonderfully diverse and enrich our collective understanding of truth.

When we encounter viewpoints that differ from our own, let us approach them with an open mind and a willingness to learn. It's crucial to recognize that just because someone sees things differently, it doesn't automatically render their perspective as wrong or invalid. The truth, in its essence, is not confined to a singular form; it can manifest itself in various ways.

Everyone has their own way of understanding something, thinking, and taking action. If we find differences, it doesn't mean another one is wrong. The truth can exist in more than one form. Therefore, when we speak of the truth, don't easily label another one as “Kebathilan”

We must also bear in mind that the truth is often multi-faceted and influenced by context, culture, and individual experiences. Embracing this complexity allows us to appreciate the richness of human existence and the potential for harmonious coexistence despite our differences.

Together, let us embark on a quest to seek truth, unity, and understanding, embracing the multitude of ways we perceive the world.

With an open heart and open mind,


with the guidance of Allah.

Starbucks Coffee, Pekanbaru, Nadya.