Priority seats and Priorities in life.

September 10, 2023


As I've been using buses and trains more frequently, I've come to realize that Im still a compassionate person (ehehe) who willingly offers priority seats to those in need. Several times, I've found myself in situations where I had to yield my seat to pregnant women, elderly passengers, and even those slightly older than me. It's like my inner voice suddenly says, "Nad, stand up!" It's not just about sensitivity, it's more like a duty. Right?

While I was on the bus, suddenly this thought crossed my mind (divine inspiration can come from anywhere hehe).

If, in practice, we can offer priority seats to those in need, why is it so difficult for us to prioritize the most important aspects of our lives? And... do we actually know what should be prioritized in our lives?

Worship, yes, our relationship with Allah. This should be our priority as humans. In fact, the Quran explains that Allah created humans to worship Allah SWT (coincidentally, I learned this yesterday from my class).

Lately, I've been posing important questions, but all the answers point to "improve and prioritize our relationship with Allah." When I look at myself, I realize that I'm not very good at communicating with Allah. Yet, Allah has been incredibly kind to me and all of us, so why do we often forget and place Allah as a secondary priority in our lives ?

Priority seats aren't just for those in need; they also symbolize the importance of priorities. Just as before we sit in a bus seat, we prioritize those who need it to sit, before we embark on anything in life, let's prioritize Allah, our relationship with Allah, our obligations to Allah, and we will find happiness thereafter.

I've also read that "The presence of Allah is a solid foundation for every step we take," and I believe it. May we always live our lives with full awareness of Allah, so that our words, actions, and decisions are always grounded in love, sincerity, and Allah's involvement in them.

Have a great weekend! ✨🌙

On the Bus, Singapore, Nadya.