What did you see behind your lens today?

January 2, 2023


Today I saw waves around me and trees on the coastline. I also saw how beautiful the skyscrapers were. I saw different things through the window of the ferry. Can those in the buildings see me and this ferry? Can they see the same ocean waves that I am seeing? I wonder.

Let's share some stories about what we see behind our different "lenses".

From this window of my house, I see flowers that my mother has planted. I sometimes see rain in the morning. In the evening, I can see the sunset, and at night, see lights emanating from the buildings. There are lots of spectacular sights to be seen through this window, as the day goes from dawn to dusk. Yet, through another window, I can sometimes see the same rain and sunset but I couldn't see any of lights from the buildings at night, only an empty barren courtyard out there.

This simple example shows how different "lenses" affects our perceptions. Which lens do we have to choose to see the world through? Let's decide. We are free to interpret what we see. So do other people, we can’t guess that what they see is the same as us. Because we don't know which lens they are looking at.

Sometimes we see something as absolutely correct from our point of view and we react a certain way, although it might not be the same from the other person's point of view.

That's how the world is, there are many different interpretations, and different responses to them.

From this writing, I want to invite everyone to see through your own lens and form your own interpretation of the meaning behind it.

But keep in mind that there are always other "lenses" that will sharpen your vision.