What food do your friends like to eat on the weekends?

January 3, 2023


There are things that we can do to improve our friendships. We can try to like whatever our friends like; eat the food they like, go where they like. Conversely, we can avoid things that they don't like.

But sometimes we also have to share with them what we like or what we don't like. For instance, what food we want to eat or what kind of places we would like to visit. We can also share with them on the things that we dislike or that annoy us.

Being considerate of our friends' feelings is important in ensuring a healthy relationship. However, just as important is taking care of our own feelings. In a friendship, there is more than one person involved. Everyone has to actively participate in the relationship and make an effort to nurture and maintain the friendship.

So this weekend, don’t forget to ask your friends what food they like to have? And, tell them what food you really want as well!

Decide with one another even on the smallest of things.