What is the best gift you have ever received in your life?

January 17, 2023


A mukena! It's a fantastic gift that also slapped me in the face.

Yesterday, I was going to perform the Dhuhr prayer at one of the mosques in Singapore. After ablution, I saw a visitor who was confused because she didn't bring her prayer mat. Oh! Apparently, this mosque does not provide shared facilities for prayer mats. Luckily, I brought my travel mukena in my handbag, so I happily offered to let her use mine alternately.

While I was waiting, suddenly a middle-aged mother (the mosque officer in the women's area) came up to me and asked if I brought a mukena or not? Then I said that I lent my mukena to the other visitor. Suddenly... the mother gave me a new mukena package that was still neatly wrapped in plastic "Don't return it, take it home as a gift."

At the end of that short meeting, the mother gave advice, also to another visitor (because there were only the two of us). That Muslim women should wear clothes that can be used for prayer when traveling. It means, wear clothing that reflects a Muslim woman who is always ready to worship wherever and whenever. At the same time, I felt slapped and grateful because there are still people who remind us of goodness. I admit there are still many things that I need to improve to become a better woman. Starting from dressing, speaking, behaving, and so on. Hopefully, we always have the opportunity to become better women in the future.

Initially, I thought this was a gift that I received when lending my mukena, but it is more appropriate to call it a reminder. I will pray that the woman who gave this gift will receive a much better reward. Hopefully, Allah will protect her whose name I didn't have a chance to ask, wherever she may be. On the second slide, a gift that I used at the next mosque to perform the Asr prayer.

And, it seems like the women who was there also got one.

Yusof Ishaq Mosque, Singapore, Nadya.